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Fogging production systems in Italy


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Fogging systems, Mist cooling systems, cooling mist, café and restaurants outdoor cooling.

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Fogging systems of Italian production have got a vast scope of applications thanks to unique operation principle.

Fogging system or equivalent of “outside air conditioner” presents a unique decision to reduce the outside temperature during the heat.

The system is used to cool outdoor areas and open arbors and pavilions, restaurants and cafes, hotel yards, territory at the chaise-longs on the beaches and at the pools. The availability of mist cooling system will enchant the most exacting customer.

Properly installed and well estimated fogging system is able to reduce the temperature by 15 degrees (if the humidity increases slightly).

0 bar pressure pulverizes the water into fine dust, producing effect of instant evaporation, reducing the environment temperature.

When installed our system you will be able to stay outside, not indoors, without feeling the exhausting heat. It will be your establishment which the customers of cafes, restaurants and open pools will prefer

One more function of the fogging system is the design. To create the effect of natural fog around the pools, fountains, basins, at beds and in the gardens, in alpine gardens and at any open or closed are at any time.

Slight motion of the hand and in couple minutes thin mist above the pond will appear to the view of surprised guests, and in some time the snow-white glaze making magic fairy landscape will cover the garden. Together with the sound and highlight system it is a perfect tool to have the unique a bit mysterious effect. As fast as the landscape takes the desired form, the fog may be redirected if necessary.

Thanks to the fog system every site can be turned into the cool place with pleasant microclimate or into reposeful landscape.

The pressure in the system makes 70 bar, which pulverizes the drops of liquid till the size with the diameter 5 microns (it is 20 times less then the person’s hair’s breadth). The effect of instant evaporation appears that reduces the environment temperature and creates the necessary microclimate.

Such process is called “thermodynamic” and is effective because a lot of energy is necessary to evaporate the water (to evaporate 1 gr of water about 500-600 calories of warm is to be consumed).

Let us remark that it is water that possesses the maximum value of thermal capacity of phase transition in nature. The flow-out of this energy results in the temperature reduce.

The fogging system is a mechanism of nylon tubes with the diameter 3/8 inches, fittings, special fog making injector, block of filters and a high-pressure pump 70-100 bar.

At customer’s request the control processor that may be programmed to water on can be installed in the system.

By means of system work timing and pause timing the necessary cooling degree may be achieved.

The main advantage of the present equipment is its energy-saving properties, ease of installation, maintenance and further operation. The cleaning will not cause a problem: the injector is to be cleaned from accumulated lime once in a while and the oil is to be changed in the pump (1 liter of compressor oil costs about 50-60 UAH per 1 liter for 1000 hours of system work).


Dust control, mosquitoes and insects control with the fogging system.


Fogging system has a property to prevent dust, to work against dust and for air filtration. It also helps to control mosquitoes, insects and flies, suppresses the activity of pathogenic organisms that make bad smell. If the system is of good function, installed and operated correctly, it makes high concentrated fog from the drops with a size about 5 microns (it is 20 times less then the person’s hair’s breadth)

Such sizes of drops definitely gravitate and repress the PM 10 and less dust particles. The system is able to remove breathable dust and to repress the dust with the diameter 0.1-1000 micron with the low water discharge. The dust surrounded with such a dense fog has few chances to “buzz away”. Thanks to fogging system the dust reduces by 11 times minimum!!!!!


Microclimate made by fogging system has the favorable effect on the human’s health, especially if one has bronchopulmonary desease, problems with cardiovascular system, allergy, neurosis, etc. For the construction sites experiences the difficulties due to air pollution and the dust is to be repressed all the time, the system can be designed particularly and will effectively prevent air pollution. Well designed system can protect people and other benefits for example: to prevent or reduce the risk of a dust explosion or fire; to increase the visibility and reduce an accident; to reduce equipment deterioration, when a thin layer of dust can cause a "grinding" effect and increase the friction force and so on.

Using fogging systemwill provide a high degree of pulverisation and uniform drops with the addition of natural insecticides that guarantees optimal results in mosquitoes midges and other insects control. Insecticides are baught in concentrated form and diluted with water. Then the mixture is sprayed by fog over a given area. When used properly with a high quality system, one liter of concentrate will be enough for the whole season.