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Cooling of vegetables and fruits, meat and fish

Cooling of vegetables and fruits in the supermarkets. As the fridges are necessary for the perishable foods, the fogging appliances is necessary to keep agricultural goods. While the most part of appliances cost money, the fogging system of high quality will make money for you.

Fog-treated product looks better, stores longer and keeps the weight that makes it attractive for buyers. With the extension of storage of the products that were treated by fog there will be less work for the employees. For every $30 per day you save at drying and loosing quality (and we do not forget how expensive the salad can be), the profit may exceed by 10.000 annually.

If you multiply this by 10-15 years of useful life, the factor of high sales due to appealing look, add efficiency of employees and you will have enough money to pay the house with cash! Cooling of the vegetables, fruits, meat, fish.

Your primary investment $1000-4000 now seems to be perfect strategic bargain. Trade release shows that the stores’ bargain will be connected with the cultivation of agricultural goods, meat and seafood. “Any store that wants to be competitive should focus on fresh products and improved service” – a president of the leading agricultural company says. Many other managers repeat that not only the price holds the stores in business. Duplicate keeping quality of your goods!

Cut down the weight loss of your products at least by 50% by improving the product exterior.

As the fridges are necessary for the perishable foods, the fogging appliance is obligatory for the shelf life of meat and seafood. While reefer equipment for keeping causes the carges, the high-quality fogging system will make money for you.

Cooling-humidificationof meat

It will be much more expensive to change leeward meat on the fresh, than to moisten it time by time. A meat sellers now try to make artificial attractive gloss of the product, but is it effective and is it economically viable? To our opinion, meat may keep its natural red color without using of nitrates, if it is kept in special deep-freeze appliances with higher level of moisture. When keeping meat in usual reefer equipment the difference in weight makes 2% or more if the product is not moistened. Many people may say that the weigh economy will depend on the cooling mode, or in the meat cutting. But moisture makes bigger difference than you think. When loosing moisture considerably, the meat dries and reaches irreversible state. That’s why it is so important to control the necessary level of moisture in the places where products are kept from the moment when product is received till it’s sold.

Main advantages of keeping of meat products in cold and moisten state:
The layout. Well moistened meat product (meat) looks much better.
Weigh loss. Using cooling-humidificationthe weigh loss is cut down more than by 50%.
Shelf life. Thanks to this decision, the shelf life of meat selling doubles.

Cooling-humidificationof seafood and fish.