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Fogging cooling of equipment and appliance

When using air pre-cooling, consuming by the big industrial conditioners or cooling devices of evaporation cooling the productivity of existing appliances may be considerable increased with considerable expenses reduction. This can be reached when consuming colder air the load on the compressor decreases as well as the effect from repeated exposure on the appliance decreases, herein it takes less energy for appliance operation. The cost saving may make from 20% to 25%.

In the mist irrigation systems of air pre-cooling the fog is used by the high pressure, the electronic sensors are used, also the timers and hygrostats (humidity controller) and thermostats that allow pre-cooling the air effectively without building up the free water. In addition thanks to the cooled air got from the fogging systems the time period between starts working conditioners will be increased that will result into the operation time extension of the present appliance.

On the enterprises where the machines generate to much heat the systems of evaporating cooling serve to humid the air and to cool the production areas, make the barrier between the dust and smells.