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Fogging cooling of sport grounds

What is thermal stress? Comfortable environment for the human’s body is +21 - +22 degrees centigrade. When the air temperature rises the human’s body feels stress. To maintain safety body’s temperature two elements are necessary: 1) Convection (air moving) and 2) evaporation. When temperature increases the body evolves more sweat to cool itself. Long-term effect of high temperature dries the skin and the organism. This results in reduction of circulating blood and raises blood pressure.

Using cooling fogging systems at the stadiums and sport grounds. Colling systems (stationary fogging-sets and portative fogging fans) cardinally improve the figures of sportsmen, employees, guests while doing sports during the hot season at the sites. Cooling of the sport grounds.


Cooling systems reduce the thermal strain of the sportsmen, reduce fatigue and energy loss. When installed at the stadiums, the fogging systems reduce the temperature of the grounds during hot season (for example fans tribunes or track-and-field athletics sector). Cooling of the sport grounds.

Cooling the side-lines or other parts of the stadium results in the stress reduction and helps to avoid the overheat of the sportsmen. These systems also drive away insects and help reduce dust level of the air on the sport sites.

In hot time these system will make the difference between your competitors and will direct the attention of the fans and guests in hot day, inviting to visit your sport grounds, because they possess cooling system. Cooling of the sport grounds.