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Fogging cooling of industrial facilities

Improvement of working conditions by controlling the microclimate is the guarantee of production process increase.

Even the heaviest working conditions may be greatly improved by reducing the temperature of the environment, cooling of the industrial facilities.

This may result in the development of workers’ labour productivity as well as in the increase of production process. This is especially evident in case of hammering or hot-forming of metal or foundry engineering also in case of oil refinery and construction sites.

If the system is constructed correctly the temperature may be reduced and reach 15 degrees. The fogging system may earn its keep in one year by general increase of production efficiency.

As soon as the functional principle is clear, it is easy to understand why such systems can be widely used in very different fields.

Any system can be designed by the order for any practice by using the pumps with direct drive, belt drive (through the pulley wheel) or the driver like – variable frequency – motor, the cooling of the industrial facilities

As the variants of tubes included in the delivery package, the tubes from nylon that carry the high stress, from cooper or high quality stainless steel may be added.

To improve the system’s efficiency the micro processor control units are used that allow to reach the maximum efficiency in different temperatures and airing humidity.