Fogging-humidification for fungus business, fogging systems

It is known that the areas for growing fungus are better to be organized with the heating systems, ventilation systems and even conditioning systems of the air, as well as thermoinsulation. Installation costs depend on the area characteristics, on the dimension of the plantation, on the sort of fungus to be grown and your own ambitions regarding the respecting of the optimal parameters. Fresh fungus is a short-lived product and not to be at loss the producers should have streamlined system of distribution or the capacities for cold storage.

Water is the main part of the mycelium and kames. Water content reaches 88-90%. Herewith the very important factor of the quality and market look of the fruit body is the air humidity. The researches discovered that the optimal air humidity for growing and cultivation of fungus was the level 85-95% (depending on the cycle of the growing and the sort of fungus growth). With such humidity level the fruit bodies grow with the normal color, peel, body, weight and texture, i.e. the market quality.

The humidity of the substrate to grow better the fungus is to have the level between 64-68%. No less important the humidity of covering layer of the substrate. The best fruiting of fungi is marked with the humidity level of covering layer of the substrate 65-70%. Therefore the covering layer should always have the moderate humidity during the growing period. The humidity of the covering layer is tightly connected with the air humidity in the mushroom house. Fast drying of the covering layer is observed if the air humidity is 80% and less. Related thereto frequent irrigation and fast drying of the covering layer results in the reduction of growing the champignons.

If the air humidity during fruiting time is lower marked limits the fruit bodies will have irregular forms, the peel of the mushroom cap will become scaly, dry and may even burst. The fruit bodies will have sleazy appearance and the quality will be poor. The criteria of the extra air humidity is thick plate of hymenophore.

The mushrooms grown in such conditions loose their market look soon after collecting – during storage and transportation.

The key to the high production productivity and reduce of net cost of the fungi production is the growing technology with the fogging systems. Fogging installation will keep the green house permanent humid by filling it in with tiny aerosol. Such conditions correspond the best to the conditions of mushrooms growing in the forests.

For example the quality of the pleurotus mushrooms, grown in such conditions, is much higher. The mushrooms are of bigger size and have firm flesh due to more quantity of dry basis, they contain less water in the tissue and have the following advantages: non watery, when cooking frying losses are reduced and have delicious taste.

Advantages of system:
Guarantees the target level of the humidity;
Lessening of humidity need;
Maintenance of favorable conditions all year round;
Lessening of shading need;
Reducing of water consumption;
Increase of the product productivity.

Our fogging systems are made of flexible tubes and are hooked on the ropes under the roof of the green house. They have portable construction. The working pressure on 16-20 injectors makes 4-5 atm. Turning on the fog is effected both as manually as with the commanding device. One system guarantees the generation of fog at the area of 50 sq.m. Optionally one or multi command device may be installed. Saving is considerable on one pump and command device. Big industrial mushrooms growing businesses of Ukraine, Russia. Europe and the USA, producing its fungus product have duly appreciated such type of humidification on their enterprises.