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Fogging-humidification for fungus business, fogging systems

Storage of the wine with the fogging system

Speaking about storage of the wine, the increase of air humidity with the fogging system may reduce considerably the evaporation of the wine from the woods. The room for the wine to be stored is to be clean, dark, well ventilated, the temperature 8-16 degrees Centigrade, the relative humidity 70-75%.

Due to maintenance of definite humidity level one may avoid many difficult procedures such as pressurization of the woods and the additional costs.

This not only helps to save time and money, but also improve the quality of the wine. For this very situation the fogging systems are the best decision. Humidification of the wine branches.

Improvement of working conditions by controlling the microclimate is the guarantee of production process increase.

Even the heaviest working conditions may be greatly improved by reducing the temperature of the environment, cooling of the industrial facilities.

This may result in the development of workers’ labour productivity as well as in the increase of production process. This is especially evident in case of hammering or hot-forming of metal or foundry engineering also in case of oil refinery and construction sites.

If the system is constructed correctly the temperature may be reduced and reach 15 degrees. The fogging system may earn its keep in one year by general increase of production efficiency.

As soon as the functional principle is clear, it is easy to understand why such systems can be widely used in very different fields.

Any system can be designed by the order for any practice by using the pumps with direct drive, belt drive (through the pulley wheel) or the driver like – variable frequency – motor, the cooling of the industrial facilities

As the variants of tubes included in the delivery package, the tubes from nylon that carry the high stress, from cooper or high quality stainless steel may be added.

To improve the system’s efficiency the micro processor control units are used that allow to reach the maximum efficiency in different temperatures and airing humidity.


What is thermal stress? Comfortable environment for the human’s body is +21 - +22 degrees centigrade. When the air temperature rises the human’s body feels stress. To maintain safety body’s temperature two elements are necessary: 1) Convection (air moving) and 2) evaporation. When temperature increases the body evolves more sweat to cool itself. Long-term effect of high temperature dries the skin and the organism. This results in reduction of circulating blood and raises blood pressure.

Using cooling fogging systems at the stadiums and sport grounds. Colling systems (stationary fogging-sets and portative fogging fans) cardinally improve the figures of sportsmen, employees, guests while doing sports during the hot season at the sites. Cooling of the sport grounds.


Cooling systems reduce the thermal strain of the sportsmen, reduce fatigue and energy loss. When installed at the stadiums, the fogging systems reduce the temperature of the grounds during hot season (for example fans tribunes or track-and-field athletics sector). Cooling of the sport grounds.

Cooling the side-lines or other parts of the stadium results in the stress reduction and helps to avoid the overheat of the sportsmen. These systems also drive away insects and help reduce dust level of the air on the sport sites.

In hot time these system will make the difference between your competitors and will direct the attention of the fans and guests in hot day, inviting to visit your sport grounds, because they possess cooling system. Cooling of the sport grounds.



When using air pre-cooling, consuming by the big industrial conditioners or cooling devices of evaporation cooling the productivity of existing appliances may be considerable increased with considerable expenses reduction. This can be reached when consuming colder air the load on the compressor decreases as well as the effect from repeated exposure on the appliance decreases, herein it takes less energy for appliance operation. The cost saving may make from 20% to 25%.

In the mist irrigation systems of air pre-cooling the fog is used by the high pressure, the electronic sensors are used, also the timers and hygrostats (humidity controller) and thermostats that allow pre-cooling the air effectively without building up the free water. In addition thanks to the cooled air got from the fogging systems the time period between starts working conditioners will be increased that will result into the operation time extension of the present appliance.

On the enterprises where the machines generate to much heat the systems of evaporating cooling serve to humid the air and to cool the production areas, make the barrier between the dust and smells.

If you are tired of the sea, you are bored for dabbling in inshore waters and you would like image childhood and to have a fun a little bit, you’d better go to aquapark. Slides and swimming pools are similar everywhere but if there is a system of fog cooling, it will delight the most demanding customer.

The systems for making fogs or mist under the sky are popular in hot time in the aquaparks for the additional cooling of environment.

The systems make more effects from slight mist to dramatically thick fog. Fog effects, using clean water, become save and available decision entertainment industry.

When you need to reduce temperature under the sky, the fogging system is to be considered the natural and ideal decision. Let us assure you that after you install the fogging system in Your aquapark, it will be considered to be the most interesting and fascinating in the aquaparks of Ukraine. Cooling for aquaparks.