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Fogging system for dust and smells control

Fogging systems are ideal for suppression of odors appearing while solid waste treatment or while bacterial breakdown of animal origin wastes as well as for the elimination of harmful volatile compounds. The examples of other problems that can be faced more often is the air pollution with carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, and methane.


Though carbon dioxide and methane do not smell, the air pollution with these substances may result in death. Special additives, chemical neutralizations and other substances to absorb the odour are used in the systems for the odor neutralization.

The specific examples of such additives are biological additives that influence the decomposition process and prevent the smells. Such result may be achieved by increasing the aerobic bacteria and preventing appearing anaerobic conditions.

Fogging systems are one of the most effective ways for processing with the organic wastes smells. Smells in the agriculture are especially bad. Smells from pigs breeding or livestock breeding and fowls may be effectively eliminated the same way that the smells on the waste deposits and waste water facilities.

Fogging systems can be safely used for odor control at working places, and they can be used both for the indoor area and for open skies.

When working at a place with an unusually severe conditions with properly designed system the concentration of toxic substances can also be reduced, making working conditions more suitable. As examples of the system for removing pollutants released into the atmosphere outside the chimneys, leachate odor and odor neutralization system.

The systems are effective both for the liquid wastes and for the solid ones though for odor neutralization only natural products are used, for example eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil.

At waste deposits and waste treatment facilities, warehouses and pig farms almost everywhere the high quality fogging systems can successfully deal with problems arising from unwanted odors. Fogging systems are your high-quality solution of the odor control problem.

Fogging systems for odor control can be used in the following branches: chemical plants, solid waste collecting facilities and waste transport, construction sites, dumpings and waste deposits, industrial odors, zone of aeration ponds, composting facilities, poultry farms and livestock farms, food industry plants, oil refineries, paper factories.

In addition to the odor-neutralizing capacity, the fogging systems are recommended as a good means for dust control and air filtration. They also assist in controlling the flies and suppress the actions of pathogenic organisms that result in the smells. In case of the construction sites temporarily experiencing difficulties due to air pollution, where is necessary to suppress dust, fogging systems are designed by order and effectively remove air pollution. Examples of application areas: the fight against pollution by asbestos, coal dust suppression, career and equipment for crushing rocks and rocky soils, grain silos, work with the slag; places where it ends conveyor belt and construction sites and to build up areas.