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Humidification for greenhouse business

System for fogging (haze) more often becomes usual appliance for using in greenhousing and growing rooms. If correctly designed, installed and operated these systems can influence considerably on the productivity of greenhouse.

The productivity depends on many factors, such as the temperature, the humidity, the sun light, the environment conditions, the concentration of carbon dioxide, moisture content and soil constitution. Though the fogging systems aren’t able to influence all these characteristics, they can influence positively on the productivity due to temperature regulation, humidity regulation and moisture content in the greenhouse. Maintaining these characteristics they provide the optimal conditions for plants growth. Humidification for greenhouse business.

By the way the fogging systems are perfect for solving the problems with high temperatures and / or humidity low level. These systems can be used the whole year. If correctly designed the system of airflow and the flash evaporation system the effective cooling and humidification in summer is guaranteed, while adding the necessary humidity prevents dehydration of plants in winter. This provides effective and consistent climate control without excessive moisture condensation.

These systems enhance the working conditions and increase productivity in the greenhouses. They contribute in the growing acceleration (on different stages) when plant establishment, seed germination, for producing of organic material or fiber cultivation. They are perfect for the trailing plants, vegetables, flowers or young trees. Due to these systems the high density of planting is possible without danger of plant diseases and uniformity of the harvest. The system can proceed with this eliminating the water stress of the plants, one of the most essential factors, which influence the growing of the plants.

Compared to traditional water supply and fan systems the fogging systems can make ideal conditions with the equal distribution of the humidity throughout the greenhouse. The costs make only some charges making this method more effective. Besides, the necessity in shading of plants may be reduced due to the option of temperature control in the fogging system. Due to this the plants may stay on the light longer and this will result in photosynthesis process. Humidification for greenhouse business.

Fogging systems may also be used for the nourishing the environment by injection of nutrient substance directly in the atmosphere. The humidity as well as the nutrient substance is absorbed through the pores with the stoma in the plants’ leaves. The fungicides and insecticides may be distributed in such way.

The fogging systems are designed for the work with minimum charges and very low costs on the service. These systems can be controlled with the electronic, using the faraway situated thermostats, hydrometers and timers. The fogging system can be used for spreading the nutrient substance with the highly-precise injector.

Every fogging system is designed by order taking into consideration the demands of the consumer for every special use, considering the structure of greenhouse or growing rooms, the climate as well as the culture. The system possess the perfect pumping modules, designed according to the specifications, the high-quality pipelines and good fogging injector components to provide the productivity, The systems can be developed to produce the humidity by the pumps within the limits 4 l/min – 200 l/min. For using in large spaces or more difficult sites, for providing the maximum control on the process several zones are used. The individual locking valves can also be included in order to guarantee the full scope on the adjustment.

Advantages of the fogging system:
Guarantees necessary level of humidity;
Reduces the water need;
Maintains favorable conditions the whole year;
Makes the inside store for the propagation of plants;
Reduces the need of shading plants;
Reduces the irrigation / water consumption;
Enhances the performance of the greenhouse.

Recommendations for the greenhouse:
Using super thin injector to prolonger the service life of the appliances;
Using the system of stainless pipes (elements for nozzles on request);
The high-pressure pumps within the limits 4 l/min – 200 l/min, are designed by order in order to satisfy strict specifications.
Maintaining of humidity level and cooling due to our programmed controller for the humidity and temperature.