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Humidification for the textile manufacture

Using fogging systems in the textile manufacture as well as in many other industries, introduction these system will approve the productivity of the equipment and production profitability.

Law humidity at the enterprises of consumer and textile industries influence the quality and cost of the production and result in serious problems:

- thread breakage because the textile fiber lose the flexibility and strength, become thinner and delicate;
- lowering of shuttle pass;
- trouble in moving of threads and tissues;
- temperature increase during friction and electrostatic stress leading to flammability in the workshop;
- weight reduction and quality fall of during storage;
- high concentration of wool in the air.

Using the system in the textile manufacture usually gives considerable advantages. If the air humidity level is suitable, usually between 50-60%, the quality increases, the dead time shortens and the percentage of defective goods decreases. This happens when the ideal air humidity level results in extension stiffness almost all of the natural fibers. The textile manufacture profitability increases due to productivity gain and waste reduction.

In addition to above said, static electricity can be removed by making the textile more suitable for working and the process itself more manageable in order to reduce the wool fiber.

This also helps to control the air pollution with the particles of cotton and the rest of linter. As it is recommended to use binding device with the average humidity 55%, the system creates the ideal climate conditions as for the equipment and for the materials.

The advantages of the system in this branch:
The maintenance of equilibrium humidity content at the appropriate level;
Static electricity reduces;
The humidity level is kept on the ideal level;
Maximum stability of the products nature and more opportunity for working at it;
The flammability to do air pollution reduces;
Vaporization level reduces.